5.25" Glider/ Stick bait - truffle butter
5.25" Glider/ Stick bait - truffle butter

5.25" Glider/ Stick bait - truffle butter

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5.25" slow level sinking Glider/stick bait.        Approximate weight- 2oz. 

Durable impact resistant resin molded over a 316 stainless steel one piece internal through structure. This creates a strong seamless construction to withstand the strongest tuna, striper, redfish, and pelagic species.

Versatile lure can be fished in shallow or deep water with a steady slow- medium retrieve to stay in the top 1-3 feet of water, or allowed to sink deeper.  Swims with a wide zig zag swaying pattern, adding twitches makes lure dart with an erratic action. 

Hand poured, painted, and finished with several coats of durable epoxy in USA

Comes rigged with high quality vmc 2/0 treble belly and 3/0 single rear. We recommend upgrading to 1/0- 2/0 owner st-66 for tuna and other large fish. Using too large/ heavy of a hook setup will affect the way the lure swims.

*Due to the handmade nature there may be a slight variance from lure to lure.

* We strive to provide color accurate photos, however due to varying devices, color and detail may vary slightly from how it is depicted here. 

* Price is for 1 single lure.